Best Video Chat API & SDK to Integrate Video Call in Android, iOS Apps

“It is found that Video Conferencing Market is about to surpass $20 billion by 2024”

The current scenario of globalization in digital trends has witnessed the changes in the Modern messaging applications.

It’s the start of the year 2019 and there couldn’t be a better time to look into the strategy of what Video chat apps will bring to the enterprises and businesses. It’s going to be a great year for enterprises to integrate video chat feature into their existing application or urge to build a standalone video call application with the help of Video API/SDK for any communication purpose.

This rise in the communication enabled multi-national organizations to enhance their communication & collaboration of the business. The possibility of video call integration into your website or application lies in the customization of video API and SDK. The video call integration providers are basically of Saas based and Solution based.

Let us get into a detailed view of the key differences of Saas and Solution based video call integration in Android, iOS and Web application.

Significant Difference Between SaaS-Based & Solution-Based Video Integrations

In some cases, both seem to provide the same video call functionality with the aid of video APIs and SDKs to make persistent video calls across the platforms. But, the facts hidden behind these two are, subscription-based concept and unlimited data usage based plan for integrating video call feature to make video calls over the internet.

Thus, the integration of video chat into the app is basically carried with the help of WebRTC signaling where the Saas based providers offer a peer-to-peer connection and the data usage is committed with monthly subscriptions. This kind of connectivity stops you from reaching more devices instantly.

When it comes to Solution-based video integration, it provides unlimited data usage and customization of the API platform that match your business needs. After a deep understanding of the best way to opt video call integration for your business demands, you should get to know about the actual operation carried in Video call integration into your Android, iOS, and Web apps.

The Complete Working of Voice and Video Call Apps

Basically, media streaming is carried with help of WebRTC. Both the video and audio calls depend on the possibility of streaming between the two clients which are connected to each other. The process consist of three main servers namely:

  • Signaling
  • STUN Server
  • TURN Server


In order to initiate the call between the servers that are connected to each other, both the client servers must confirm the connectivity by sending messages, key data, metadata. WebSockets is used for the purpose of signaling.

STUN Server:

Following the signaling, a peer to peer connection has to be made in order to obtain the Public IP address. In this case, a Public IP address is globally unique and exist on only one device.

There stands a Private IP address which is not globally unique and exist simultaneously on many devices. A Public IP Address can’t be connected directly to the internet. In this case, WebRTC requires a Public IP Address to connect peer-to-peer. Thus, STUN server provides both public IP addresses of clients to get connected through WebRTC and initiate the Call. If the case reaches to a point of not getting both clients Public IP address, then TURN server stands to make a peer-to-peer connection.

TURN Server:

The TURN server is used to connect both the client servers in case if the peer-to-peer connection fails. The server acts as a mediator. The TURN server transmits the data from one client-server to another. Thus, it’s basic function is to relay the media.

Let’s get into the technologies that have been the key factor in making persistent video calls over any platforms. Before digging deep into the actual understanding of technologies and features possessed in video call integration, let us take a quick look on one of the leading video chat app provider to the global market.

Mirrorfly - A Top-notch Video Call Integration Provider

Mirrorfly, an instant chat solution provider for enterprise and individuals to build a messaging application for both web and mobile. The chat solution offers video call APIs & SDKs to integrate customizable video calling feature on any platforms. Mirrorfly’s video call solution is inbuilt with WebRTC signaling to make high-quality video calls across devices instantly. Mirrorfly offers unlimited data usage for making video calls with one-time payment in order to stop the fret of subscription-based integrations.

Let us have a glance on the technologies and features that frame Mirrorfly as the most successful video call integration provider in the market.

Technologies that Drive Video Chat Applications to the Next Innovation

WebRTC Signaling: A powerful and highly groundbreaking technology that leverages the plugin-free APIs which can be used in both Web and Mobile applications. The technology enhances real-time peer-to-peer video and audio communication. The WebRTC APIs possess a definite functionality to carry real-time video/audio communication between the servers.

MediaStream: The API lets to enable access over the camera, screen and microphone to transmit data within the HTTP with providing end-to-end security.

RTCPeerConnection: This wholly encodes and decodes the entire media data and also audio/video content that transmits through the remote servers.

RTC DataChannel: This helps in creating a peer-to-peer connection between the servers in order to make video calls and send media data in real-time in a secure environment.

Features Built-in with Video Chat Apps that Meets Your Video Experience

Browser Support: Through integrating video call into your website or app, you can experience an absolute cross-platform and browser support in order to enhance user experience and make instant video calls from any device.

Video Recording: The feature enables you to hold the worthy video conversations carried within the application. Record and Save the recorded conversation under a secure environment for future references.

One-on-one or Multi-party: Make persistent group video calls or one-to-one video calls instantly to N number of users across desktop and mobile applications under a secure platform.

Centralized Administration: Manage the entire video chat application within a single dashboard. The feature empowers your video chat app’s credibility by providing insightful information about the users, monitor channels/groups and also access the analytical reports.

Apart from these noteworthy features, there are other multiple features that every other video chat solution providers come up with. The video call apps hold a quality list of use cases where the trend can boost the real-time communication that’s right for your business.

Versatile Use Cases that Video Call Trend Drives Real-time Communication

Gaming: This enhances the users gaming experience and engagement through real-time video chatting experience. With enriched video call features, creating gaming channels and boosting player collaboration is made simple with video call integration into the gaming applications.

Healthcare: By embedding video call into the website and mobile applications, ensures keeping the patients in connection with the healthcare professionals to facilitate easy sharing of health tips and increases patients well-being.

Customer Service: WebRTC enabled video application offers in-touch of service to increase customer satisfaction and provide an instant solution in real-time. Video Call integration enables your business rate by creating a closer relationship with the customers.

Education: Through video call integration on website and app, an e-learning possibility can be created to deliver training and empower education with screen sharing features and much more.


The video calling trend is made so simple nowadays. There is a quite huge number of video calling API/SDK providers in the market to add video conferencing to your website or mobile application. But, the fact is understanding the strategy for opting video call integration to your business. As referred, WebRTC stands ahead in the row of most demanding technologies that provides video chat apps with unlimited data usage. It will create a great impact on your business communication by partnering with some solution based video calling app providers in the video chat app market.

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