Approaches to Overcoming Project Obstacles

Overcrowding the project team : For a variety of reasons, a project manager may be forced to add more personnel to the team. The costs of integrating such individuals must be handled by ensuring that the project's scope is fully understood by the team

Project scope is unclear: When a project's scope is not clearly defined, a project manager may find himself in a situation where resources are scarce. A proper description of the project scope is crucial for a project manager to avoid a resource shortage.

Unexpected delays: Unexpected occurrences might occur throughout the course of a project, causing delays in its completion. External, internal, or universal reasons can cause a project manager to adopt whatever option available to get back on track.

Inadequate accountability: Before beginning a project, a project manager's most important responsibility is to create a budget. On the other side, a project manager could fail to record the expenses and resources spent for specific operations.

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