8 skills for a perfect teamwork

Team working skills mean the same way that many people make good on a mission and toward common goals, which will help individuals complement each other shortcomings and perfect their-selves. However, Teamworking will inevitably encounter mixed opinions or contradictions that may negatively affect the groups. Thus, that each member needs to practice her skills for team work is extremely essential to complete team building cohesion in any circumstances.


1. Listening skills


As a team you have to respect and listen to the opinions of others, because none of us are perfect. No matter how splendid those comments are, there could be still some shortcomings. We are those who listen to discover them, to provide suggestions to help get fully completed ideas. Listening also helps team members obtain mutual understandings, be aware of each other's weaknesses with suggestions to fix. Therefore, when joining a team, try to improve your listening skills by yourself.

2. Organizing skills

Organizing skills is the task of the leader, who must have the ability to communicate and solve problems that arise in the group, to ensure uniformity among members to fulfill the tasks for any reasons. Additionally, teamworking skills means knowing how to organize work. It is also the duty of the members of the group, as assigned to the members to know how to how to succesfully conduct the assignments, ensure the stable working progress.

3. Support and mutual respect

Members in a group should help each other at work. If his teammates had difficulties, be willing to share and give them a hand, which creates cohesion among the members of the group. Moreover, respecting each other is obviously of great benefit for co-workers. You should never think that you are more abnormal than the others. The help and mutual respect between the team members is the greatest motivation to get towards common goals.

4. Responsibility towards assigned work

Working alone or in groups, you also need training skills for their responsible work. When working alone, if the result is not well-done, you are the only one who are in charge, but teamworking is totally different. If you just rely on others or don’t complete assigned tasks, you will definitely affect your team. Meanwhile the merits of those who try their best to do will be denied.

5. Encouraging personal developments

It’s obviously a skill for the leader. A skillful and capable leader must possess the ability to encourage, motivate, facilitate the development team members and individuals within their group. When an individual is being encouraged and created favorable conditions for development, he will have sufficient motivation to try harder at work. As the result, the whole team’s outcome must be incredibly improved.

6. Connecting people


You should know how to reconnect with other members of the group, otherwise you'll be alone. sometimes you may feel undervalue in the group, but that's just because you imagine only. Learn to look back to the people, only the new cohesion can give you a perfect team. Therefore, the members will be more open-minded in sharing, help each other in work and life.

7. Creating consensus

Lacking teamwork skills easily causes conflicts from various opinions among members of the group. This time creating a consensus is very important to group together towards the common good. This skill is not easy, because to get the consensus of the members in addition to suggested to listen and respect the opinions of others, know how to analyze right and wrong and persuade teammates themselves.

8. Impartiality

You can ignore all personal selfishness in teamworking, try to avoid the most trivial things, jealousy with his teammates, blame collision, conflict, etc with other members. If a situation is not fair please see frank comments immediately. If you do this, you will surely attain the team members trust and respect, while contributing to build the unity of the group, creating incentives for the group to move forward.

While many people co-operate to do one thing, it certainly bring better results than just one person doing. Always be an active member, be responsible to your team to make the strongest team. Sharing with each other is the most important woking still you should always be aware of.

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