7 Latest React Native App Templates

When it comes to popular mobile application development frameworks, React Native always tops in the list. The framework is known for being easy to use, use of a single code base, modular nature, etc. which indeed streamlined the application development process and made it quite simple.

Developers leveraging React Native to build apps get a genuine reason to celebrate as they don’t need to create apps separately for iOS and Android platforms. And they get the liberty to use a single code base to create an application on both of these platforms.

In React Native application development, the code is written in JavaScript. So, developers find it quite easier to learn React Native. As the majority of the app developers are aware of these languages so they find it’s quite easier for them to grasp React Native.

When it comes to the React Native app development template, it lets you get more advantages in this arena. With the said framework, the team finds it quite easier to control and manage the project by starting the development with documentation, a solid code base, and also a complete set of screens that can easily minimize the overall production cost.

Before we discuss here the latest React Native app templates, it’s important to delve into the basics.

What is React Native?

Developed and launched by the social media stalwart Facebook, React Native is an open-source application development framework used to create mobile apps. Some popular applications like Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, etc. are based on such a framework and witnessed their huge acceptance among users.

This framework is based on Vanilla JavaScript. It played a vital role in popularizing this framework and also its quick adoption among developers.

Top React Native Application Templates in 2020

MStore Multi Vendor

This template is known to be the best option for those people who are seeking to make an online store that should be able to allow a large number of vendors such as eBay, Amazon, etc.

The most important thing about this template can be described as its integration with top platforms like WooCommerce and WordPress. This makes MStore Multi Vendor as a perfect choice for those businesses that run online with the use of these important systems.

React App Builder

With the use of React App Builder, developers can create a variety of mobile applications such as event applications, chat apps, shopping apps, recipe apps, restaurant apps, etc.

As the name suggests, React App Builder helps both developers and non-developers in creating a variety of applications. They can develop a mobile application with a quite simple and convenient process.

StoreX Pro

Another popular React Native template that lets developers integrate WooCommerce, the template known as StoreX Pro gives a genuine reason to businesses to joy. The template promises that it doesn’t let developers perform coding and thus minimizes the development hours.

Not only the framework works, but it also increases a large number of distinct screens for developers to build from. More and more, it also supports a number of languages, payment gateways, etc.

BeoNews Pro

BeoNews Pro is a popular application that allows developers to create a mobile application with the use of any type of content on their WordPress website. The application supports Google Logins and Facebook and then also makes storage of the user data that can easily synchronize between two important devices.

**Antiqueruby ** Came in the limelight in the year 2018, Antiqueruby template earned vast popularity. The template is designed with the main purpose to minimize the time and efforts of developers in creating mobile applications.

Leveraging the templates in a proper way, developers will be able to build a highly stylish and top-notch UX/UX components to customize their applications in a proper way.


This React Native template is used in converting WordPress website into a complete desktop application. All you need to do is make the selection of the right components that you require for your page, including list view, layout card view, and they can easily control from the WordPress admin page back-end. GoFit App Template

GoFit App Template, as the name suggests, is the right option for everyone seeking to build their own fitness application that can easily cover several important aspects to become fit from nutritious diets to a complete exercise plan.

The template is blessed with numerous features such as main menu, workouts, login screens, recipes, exercise, etc.

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