6 Benefits of Hiring Full Stack Developers for MVP Development

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a practice where the product or app or website is developed with minimum features and to the acceptance of potential users. When the product reaches the user successfully, then additional functionalities are added into it. MVP will help to find out whether you should move further to develop a full-fledged product of your idea or not. Well, this is the correct step as it minimizes the risk of product disaster upon its launch.

Benefits of hiring full-stack developer

If the product is well accepted and receives positive feedback then you can move on building additional functionalities and you can make it as a full-fledged product As an entrepreneur or startup you always have questions around funding and who will build MVP for your business.

For building MVP you have two options.

Either You look for a professional developer (Fullstack )or You have the confidence you can build your own mvp).

Why not hire Fullstack developer who can take complete responsibility of the complete project and deliver the world-class product with their experience behind it.

Full stack development combines both frontend and backend besides creating the database and connecting it all together.But the question here is who will build MVP for your business? Here are Full stack developers who are able to help you.

You Can Categorize the Entire Full Stack Development in Three Stages Namely : The Front-end or the Presentation Layer

This concentrates on the client-side development of the app or product where you create the User Interface (UI). As a full stack developer, you should be skillful with front-end development as your role would be building a properly responsive and functional app.

As far as the language is anxious, full stack developer possess a strong knowledge of JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML. The bootstrap will help in designing the data and layout. Regarding the JavaScript, it is better to be familiar with, Angular, React and Vue.js.

The Backend or the Business Logic

This is identified as the server-side layer of the application.The backend development languages are used to develop the logic for the website or app. Here too, you should have the strength in two or more server-side frameworks or languages such as Java with Spring MVC, Node.js with Express.js, Ruby with Ruby on Rails or Python with Django, etc. If you are selecting the static language, you need to write more codes but it would be at ease to maintain.

The Database

The database is also one of the important aspects of the backend development. In this step, you have to precisely develop and maintain the databases and therefore, this is where your expertise of database languages would play a significant role.

You can categorize the database languages into two types; Relational and Non-relational. The former is based on tables for the data storage while the other stores the data in the JSON layout.

Three tier architecture

Now, coming to the significant database languages, which you need to know to include PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB. The first two languages belong to the Relational database whereas the MongoDB is used as the non-relational category.

How to Identify a Right Full Stack Developer? HTTP & REST

HTTP generally creates protocols to create a secure communication network between the client and the server.So, if your product is a web application, then your appointed full stack developer must have the experience about the working process of HTTP as well as REST commands to make sure seamless configuration.

Data structures & algorithms

Algorithms play a significant portion of the development process, which is why your appointed full stack developer must identify all steps of using algorithms and should also be experienced with stacks, procedure, and heaps that goes across the process.

Doing so not only will help you have the correct code, but Google has also started questioning on data structures and algorithms.

Therefore, your code should consist of suitable algorithms and data structures so that it is easy to decide which code performs which exact task at any given time.

Deployment options

There are numbers of PaaS (Platform as a Service) deployment techniques available in the market nowadays. These options basically include Digital Ocean, AWS, Heroku, and more.

Heroku, on the one hand, provides the feature to upload the whole project code and deploy it with least configuration, while AWS, on the other hand, offers a handful of options for code deployment, data storage, and processing.

Though to use these platforms to your benefits, your appointed full stack developer should be aware of deployment as well as the configuration process of every platform.


Git is a tool that provides developers as well as other project stakeholders to see the changes done in the code by individual developers.

This means, at any given moment, you can revise modifications in codes and when something goes wrong, you can almost instantly repeal the last working code to evade wasting a good amount of time recognizing and fixing a code error.

However, a full stack developer must have experience in using Git so that you are able to keep track of all defects and issues that are rising with new modifications.

Benefits of Hiring Full Stack Developers for MVP Development The full stack developers are the specialists of all-round the corner. They have in-depth experience and understanding of the various elements relating to the application development and know best, which is the ideal process to furnish the project requirements.

Hire Full Stack Development Company

They would tell you with their knowledge whether your app idea is feasible or not and also offer their valuable recommendations on how to better the project strategy.

1.Knowledge of both front-end and back-end development

A full stack developer is proficient at both front-end development and back-end development. This enables him to easily shift between the two sides; the client and server and vice-versa. They never conciliate with the quality of the product and remain updated with the latest technologies. The front-end developer is also well aware of the results and what issues may come in MVP app development, MVP product development, or MVP software development.

  1. Caters the Design Structure as well

A full stack developer is also well known about MVP development processes. They know exactly how to deal with the codes and the User Interface designs. So, he/she is the all-in-one package for an MVP development company.

  1. Able To Take the Charge of Project Responsibility

The MVP development company rather finds it easy to pass the ownership of the project to the full stack developer. He/She can take the whole responsibility of the MVP development from start to the end or he can also get participated in the project midway. You don't need to describe them much what the MVP app development or MVP software development is all about as they are able to understand right from their experiences.

  1. Proves to be Cost-Effective

Appointing a full stack developer for the MVP product development is going to be cost-effective and you should mainly look further on getting one if your budget is less.

It is because you do not need to hire an individual expert developer or designer separately for doing the MVP development project.

  1. Fast and timely Delivery of the Project

The full stack developers may work as a team or in a group. This makes it rather easier to distribute the work responsibility among each of the individuals and they are able to coordinate well to produce the best result. Hence, this also results in the fast completion of the project.

  1. Easy Maintenance and Update

As the full stack developers are well familiar with the latest techniques, maintaining and updating the Minimum Viable Product gets simplified, which increases the possibility of getting good and positive reviews from the potential clients.


If you are fully self-assured about your start-up idea and willing to give it a go, you may outsource your project to an experienced MVP development company.

Though you can, of course, hire an in-house development team, but it won't low-priced. Plus, you will also have to focus on day-to-day project management activities.

Therefore, it's the best solution to appoint a remote team of full-stack developers who agree to work on your terms, so that you can concentrate on other elements of your startup such as marketing, branding, and launch when your MVP product gets developed.

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