Today, the concept of quality and quality management are not strange to Vietnam enterprises. With the purpose of improving competitiveness in the market, every business must choose its own direction in business as well as in business management practices. However, no matter which way of business the enterprises have chosen yet, or which types of technology the enterprises invested in, humans are still the deciding factor for business success in the industry. Derived from the definition “human philosophy is the center of all development”, 5S methodology was applied in Japan as a platform to successfully apply to quality management system. 5S creates a cleaner environment, convenience and helps the organization / enterprise enable the quality management system application, creating trusts to the customers.



5S stands for 5 Japanese words: "SEIRI", "SEITON", "SEISO", SEIKETSU" và "SHITSUKE", which means “Sort”, “Set in order”; “Sweep”; “Standardize” and “Sustain” respectively.

  • 5S Seiri or Sort is the first step in 5S, it refers to the sorting of the clutter from the other items within the work area that are actually needed. This stage requires the team to remove all items that clearly do not belong in the working area and only leave those that are required for the processes in question.


  • 5S Seiton or Straighten is the process of taking the required items that are remaining after the removal of clutter and arranging them in an efficient manner through the use of ergonomic principles and ensuring that every item “has a place and that everything is in its place.”


  • 5S Seiso or Sweep is the thorough cleaning of the area, tools, machines and other equipment to ensure that everything is returned to a “nearly new” status. This will ensure that any non-conformity stands out; such as an oil leak from a machine onto a bright, newly painted clean floor.


  • 5S Seiketsu or Standardize is the process of ensuring that what we have done within the first three stages of 5S become standardized; that is we ensure that we have common standards and ways of working. Standard work is one of the most important principles of Lean manufacturing.


  • The final stage is 5S Shitsuke or Sustain, ensuring that the company continue to continually improve using the previous stages of 5S, maintain housekeeping, and conduct audits and so forth. 5S should become part of the culture of the business and the responsibility of everyone in the organization.



Implementing 5S requires the participation of everyone in the organization/businesses. It's an effective method to mobilize the human, improve the working environment and promote the productivity. Principles of 5S practice is very simple, which do not require using any complex terms or method in the operating process. Successful implementation will help organizations / businesses achieve higher productivity through these below:

  • Seiri (Screening): is screening unnecessary items in the workplace and eliminate them.
  • SEITON (SORT): Sort things organized, according to a certain order, making it convenient when using
  • SEISO (Clean): hygiene in the workplace so that no trash or dirt appear in the working place (including on the floor, machinery and equipment).
  • Seiketsu (Care): is always caring, always keeping the workplace clean, convenient and productive by continuously implement Seiri, Seiton, Seiso.
  • Shitsuke (Ready): Create a routine by yourself, maintain convenient working environment.


  • With the application of advanced tools of quality performance, the pressure practical application 5S requires the commitment and support of top management through appointing the implementation, focusing on resources, funds and time;
  • Training and guidance of all employees in the organization / enterprise so that they all understands the objectives, meanings and methods for implementation. Since then each department / workshop can actively make plans to implement in their units.
  • The involvement of all staff is the keys to success of the program 5S methodology. The main purpose of 5S is to create an environment that encourages people to actively participate in, promote the initiative and maintain clean work environment, convenient and safe;
  • Maintaining and continuously improve, creating an active principle in the organizations/- businesses nest to ensure the effectiveness of the management and business.



5S application can be applied in any organization/enterprise: management, production, services, trade. 5S application successfully creates a clean, healthy and safe working environment, bringing great effects and success to the enterprise. Do not hesitate any more, let’s continue the programs to improve productivity and quality by applying 5S methodology!

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