5 Best Shopify Alternatives & Competitors You Should Switch To In 2021

Shopify is one of the leading and best ecommerce platforms in the market. Being in this industry for more than a decade, it has powered more than 1million online stores and has covered more than 175 countries. Shopify is a cloud-based ecommerce software that comes with monthly subscription plans.

You may not need to possess any technical skills on dealing with websites, or hosting. Shopify is a user-friendly ecommerce solutions that is explicitly designed for beginners.

What is Shopify

Shopify is a reliable ecommerce platform that helps you to build your store and manage them while online as well as offline. Shopify allows you to open a storefront, display your products, attract your customers, make sales and collect payments and leverage your business. Shopify is ideal for startups as it comes with free themes and you can customize them the way you want. It has gained more popularity mainly because of its low startup cost and easy –to-use interface.

Being popular doesn’t mean it can give solutions for all ecommerce issues faced by online store owners. There is always a search for shopify alternatives that will help us in getting more flexible with ecommerce platform.

Top 5 Best Shopify Alternatives for An Amazing Online Store

1. Zielcommerce - A Powerful & Ready-to-go Ecommerce Platform

Zielcommerce is one of the best enterprise shopify alternatives that has overcome all functionality limitations of Shopify. Its robust out-of-box features have made zielcommerce to be the best ecommerce platform. The ecommerce software supports more than 120+ payment gateways with no additional transactional fee.

Extensive SEO capabilities will support your brand to get higher visibility when searched online. Zielcommerce holds omni-channel selling abilities that will increase the ROI and push your business to move forward. Proper analytics will help you to analyze customers’ buying behavior and can set your products accordingly.

Excellent Features of this Online eCommerce Platform

  • Customization – Zielcommerce is 100% customizable ecommerce software that will let you customize starting from front-end to back-end. You can make this ecommerce platform more suitable for your business and product type.

  • One Time Cost, Lifetime License – own Zielcommerce enterprise ecommerce platform with one-time payment. You can gain complete control over the source code and can get the lifetime license of the platform.

  • Dedicated Mobile App- Zielcommerce comes with a dedicated mobile app that runs on both IOS and Android operating systems. The mobile app will gain more mobile users for your ecommerce platform.

  • Enriched UI/UX Experience – the user-friendly interface supports you in reducing the bouncing rate of the platform. The ecommerce solution has easy navigation and advanced search options that gives a perfect shopping experience.

  • Smart Performance– zielcommerce comes with fast page loading speed that will reduce the site abandonment and will increase your customer base. According to your search history, the ecommerce software suggests you recommended products.

2. Shoptimize – A Perfect Ecommerce software

Shoptimize is one of the shopify alternatives that provides hassle-free ecommerce solutions to end-users. This ecommerce platform is developed with simple coding so that even a non-technical person can easily understand the platform and its usage. It possesses all features that are essential to meet the requirements of corporate and medium enterprises.

Notable features of this eCommerce platform

  • User-friendly interface – Shoptimize design and navigation tools are more attractive than any other eCommerce software.

  • Better SEO optimization – if you highly rely on organic search then you can easily prefer this eCommerce ecommerce platform.

  • Secured platform – this eCommerce platform comes with PCI compliant and you can have a secured shopping.

  • Social media integration- this online ecommerce platform is well-integrated with social media logins and users can share the product through their social media channels and get reviews instantly.

3. Prestashop – A Remarkable eCommerce Platform

Prestashop comes with affordable plans that make this eCommerce platform to be one of the perfect ecommerce solutions. Users can get complete control over the online ecommerce platform and can easily customize it to suit your business model. This eCommerce software comes with unique design and has more than 100+ templates.

One can get an awesome shopping experience while accessing this eCommerce ecommerce platform.

Ultimate features of this eCommerce platform

  • Content marketing feature – this feature supports you to manage your content and you can easily attract your target audience to your platform.

  • Multiple payment gateways – comfort your users by providing familiar payment gateways that are integrated in your eCommerce software.

  • Deeper Analytics – get a clear picture about the performance of your ecommerce software through analytics and reports.

  • Smart Performance – Prestashop comes with fast page loading speed that will reduce the site abandonment and will increase your customer base. According to your search history, the ecommerce software suggests you recommended products.

4. Xcart – trustworthy eCommerce ecommerce platform

If you are searching for shopify alternatives then you cannot ignore xcart. Yokart has all necessary marketing features that are essential to promote your brand and gain brand recognition. Get your platform to be easily visible in all online searches through SEO efforts.

The attractive interface will get your audience to stay in your eCommerce platform for a long time and will make them purchase products before they leave your site.

Extraordinary features of this online ecommerce platform

  • Easy third-party API integration – get your ecommerce software to be integrated with any third-party API and combine the business operation and make it more productive.

  • Device compatible – this is the ultimate feature of any eCommerce platform that will attract the mobile users to use your platform effectively.

  • Multiple payment options – Xcart provides multiple payment options to users and will let them find more comfortable to pay and buy the product easily.

  • Flexible hosting – Xcart allows you to find your own hosting server and you can easily transfer your data to that hosting without any complication.

  • Multiple store management – users can have multiple stores in different locations and can easily handle them through this eCommerce platform with less effort.

5. Woocommerce – an efficient eCommerce platform

Woocommerce is a highly rated shopify alternatives ecommerce software when it comes to visitors’ experience. This online ecommerce platform seems to be much better than shopify ecommerce platform and covers all issues that are faced while using shopify.

This eCommerce platform is coupled with reliable ecommerce hosting solutions and takes the burden of the admin on hosting issues.

Beneficial features of this eCommerce software

  • Review and rating – increase the credibility of your eCommerce platform through a review and rating system as it allows users to register their feedback about the platform.

  • Order tracking – allow your vendors and buyers to track their orders. Vendors can track and find whether their products are delivered properly. Also buyers can get status regarding their orders in real-time.

  • Special offers and discounts – you can set offers and discounts on selective products and can get hold of your customers and make them repeat their purchases

  • Easy commission settings – you can set the commission for each vendor and can set the percentage individually. You can raise or decrease the percentage whenever needed.

6. Paykickstart

PayKickstart is one of the good Shopify alternatives platforms for starting an eCommerce website also it's not charged the additional fee per transaction like Shopify. They Provide N number of products and sales funnel you can add. A fully configurable cloud-hosted platform and gives you a one-stop solution to grow and drive eCommerce venture this.

  • Checkout Experience: Provides a seamless checkout experience that will get back to more retain customers again and again.

  • Accepting Payment: Paykickstart allows multiple payments and currency options.

  • Affiliate Management: Build and manage affiliate partners that sell anything and anywhere. In affiliate easy to track sales and leads.

7. Bigcartel

Bigcartel is probably the most popular cheaper Shopify alternatives. The differences between Shopify and big cartel it's very similar. Also, they offer to the user multiple payments and multi-language solutions. Features wise also similar to Shopify. on the other side, the big cartel provides abandoned cart recovery from the diamond plan only.

  • Security: Bigcartel gives to all sites come with SSL certificate, which means all data information sent or received from your website will be secured.

  • Order Management: In the dashboard, vendors can send confirmation emails to customers after a purchase, track orders, and bulk export order history via a CSV file.

  • Customer support: Big Cartel offers email support. Help Center also there. which provides robust documentation on how to build and manage your online store.

Bottom Line:

All the above mentioned ecommerce solutions are shopify alternatives and you can completely rely on them for your online platform. Make sure you keep updating the features along with the technology advancements. This will enhance the performance of your eCommerce platform and will definitely make them the best eCommerce platform in the market.

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