[Spring boot + Spring Security] Handler Logout

1. Prepare Tools

  • IDE: Netbean 8.2
  • JDK: 1.8
  • Maven: 3.5.0

2. Target

Build project thỏa mãn các yêu cầu sau:

  • Sử dụng spring boot + spring security
  • Build controller handler logout
  • Sử dụng annotation configuration thay cho xml configuration.

3. Maven dependency

        <!-- Core starter, including auto-configuration support, logging and YAML -->
        <!-- Starter for using Spring Security -->
        <!-- Starter for building web, including RESTful, applications using Spring MVC. Uses Tomcat as the default embedded container -->

4. Project setup and description

1. Basic Project


2. HttpSecurity

HttpSecurity của spring hỗ trợ builder xây dựng config cho logout http.logout() .logoutSuccessUrl("/login") .logoutUrl("/logout") .permitAll();

3. LogoutController

Xử lý logout đơn giản là việc loại bỏ object Authentication khỏi SecurityContextHolder của spring

Authentication auth = SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication();
if (auth != null) {
    new SecurityContextLogoutHandler().logout(request, response, auth);

5. Demo

6. Full Source

spring-security-logout http://123link.vip/PvTjzI8

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