React vs. Angular: What to Choose for Web Development

Developers actively use React and Angular. Starting with web development, the question always arises — what to choose React or Angular. In this guide, we’ll discuss the tech sides of both tools, along with their popularity. First of all, let’s single out the general data about React and Angular.

What is React? React.js was made by Facebook as a front-end Javascript library to create user-friendly interfaces. React utilizes a declarative style of programming.

This tool allows figuring out the look of the app. It’s possible to use React for developing web apps, native-rendered apps, and mobile applications.

React offers a bunch of cool features like virtual DOM, JSK, and reusable library code.

Such enterprises as Instagram and Netflix have chosen React for their tech solutions.

What is Angular? In this guide, we’re discussing Angular 2, not AngularJS. The last one is a different and older framework.

These days, software development teams tend to use Angular 2 as an umbrella term for all the versions of Angular (there are Angular 2,4, 5,6, 7, 8, and 9). more...

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