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kintone Plugin: "Show Tab Group Field" Plugin[EN]

Series Outline

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Hi, everyone ! Back to the kintone plugin series, I will introduce to everyone a new "Show tab group field" plugin that will show element the group field elements as tabs.Through the previous articles in the series kintone Plaform , you already have the knowledge about:

  • What is kintone
  • What is Plugin and Plugin development Tuttorial
  • Plugins list in kintone


Normally, when you view the details of a record, you have the interface of the group field elements as a hidden dropdown like this:

But with the "Show tab group field" plugin we can set the interface of elements as tabs:

How to use Plugin

First, we go to setting

Click New, check plugin Show tab group field

On the settings plugin , specify the group fields to display as tabs and click Submit

Do not forget to update the app and here are the results:


  1. We do not guarantee this sample to run.
  2. We do not provide any technical support for this sample Plug-in.
  3. Public app before setting up the plugin

Downloadable Content

Zip file, please download the follwed link and upload whole package to kintone, don't extract it before upload to kintone.

It 's not the end

It's nice if people are interested in kintone as well as the Plugin series. And please meet again in the next article, I will introduce you more great and useful plugin in kintone!

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