11 Best Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform - Demo & Features

The leading e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart are flourishing in the global retail market. The real secret behind this is they all work towards the customer’s desires and enhance their experience by letting them avail a wide range of options in selecting among various vendors. So it is clear that every customer wants to merchandise with various vendors. If you are planning to have a multi vendor marketplace platform then you need to get to know about the leading multivendor softwares that are currently ruling the digital market.

Need For Ready to Launch Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform

When an entrepreneur plans to have a multi vendor marketplace, his first choice would be ready to launch the multi vendor marketplace platform. This is mainly because of understanding the key benefits of using them. Now let us get into the reason in detail.

  • Cost-effectiveness – Initially investing a huge amount to develop a multi vendor platform is quite difficult especially for a start-up company. In this case, a ready to launch, marketplace platform comes with an affordable price.

  • Availability – if you plan to develop a custom marketplace platform, it will take months to launch. After launching it will another few months to promote your platform. Getting potential leads will take a long time. But when you purchase ready to launch marketplace the application can be deployed in a very short time.

  • Functionality – they have all the essential features that every leading ecommerce portals have today. You can be a start-up but still can lend your customers all the features that the ecommerce giants provide.

  • Readymade extensions – you can enjoy a lot of readymade extensions that will suit your demand and help you to customize the application as per your business requirement.

  • User-friendly – even a non-techy person can easily handle the application. It is mainly developed to enhance user experience.

Primary Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform Features

When we check for the features of the multi vendor marketplace platform then we need to consider 3 people’s points of view, the admin, the seller and the buyer’s point of view.

Primary features for admin Primary features for sellers Primary features for customers
In any multi vendor platform, every admin expects to have perfect inventory management to have a keen look over the stocks and they also want to manage their orders effectively. A reliable content management system is undeniable in any multi vendor marketplace. They also want to earn additional money with the help of subscriptions, commissions, affiliates, and advertisements. The multi vendor software should let the customers communicate with the sellers easily. Sellers also want to have great importing and exporting features. Just to improve the quality and service the seller needs to know the customer’s feedback. The multi vendor marketplace should support a genuine customer rating and review system. They also wish to experience hassle-free shipping and delivery. The multi vendor platform should be mobile responsive as most of the customers will be using their mobiles to do online shopping. The marketplace software should also support multiple languages since it covers globally. Customers demand for multiple payment options and also wish to experience an easy checkout process.

List of Top 11 Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform Providers with Demo & Features

1. Zielcommerce - a premium multi vendor marketplace platform

Zielcommerce is a white-labelled multi vendor marketplace software that is filled with numerous features for contributing user-centric and admin-level performance. One can experience the complete marketplace suite. The marektplace platform is perfectly social media-friendly and has extensive control features for admins, vendors, and users. Being fast in processing and clear with interface, Zielcommerce can attract more visitors to your multi vendor marketplace platform.

A detailed feature list of this multi-vendor software

  • The whole multi vendor marketplace software is one-time payment. You pay once and own the license.
  • A completely customizable multi vendor platform that can be optimized according to the business requirement.
  • Advanced commission configuration.
  • Dedicated mobile app that gives a handy experience to all vendors and the users.
  • Import/ export multiple products instead of adding one by one.
  • Real-time notification alerts to the admin, vendor, and the customer.
  • Supports multi-language and currency for multi-stores.
  • Well integrated with all popular payment methods.
  • Users can avail all shipping methods

Customization Possibilities - yes

Demo – Yes.

2. Arcadier - a remarkable marketplace solution

Arcadier marketplace software enables the multi vendor platform to be customized and can also scale your marketplace. A reliable admin panel is provided, that benefits the entrepreneur in handling his business efficiently.

Get to know more about this multi vendor software

  • The vendors can do real-time editing with their panel.
  • Mainly developed to serve agencies and SMEs
  • Experience the best import/export features.
  • One can enjoy the shopping cart feature, Fee/commission management, online Store builder, Category management all in one software.
  • Powered with complete cost-free installation and set-up facility.

Customization: Yes, Available.

Demo: available

3. Genstore - a stupendous multi vendor marketplace

The marketplace software is built on the MEAN stack. This multi vendor marketplace platform is highly scalable and contains detail documentations. Any business groups that are starting from start-up to enterprise level can be benefited with Genstore multi vendor software.

**The outstanding features of this multi vendor marketplace platform

  • Genstore has an exclusive seller dashboard.
  • Integrating 3rd party API made easy with Genstore
  • Shipping tracking made possible.
  • Easy social logins.
  • Genstore has its community where the users can share their queries and get answered.

Customization: Yes, available.

Demo: available.

4. VivoGigs - a stunning multi vendor marketplace solution

VivoGigs is an aesthetically designed and user-friendly multi vendor marketplace software. The core objective of this multi vendor platform is to bring musicians, performing artists and event planners together under one roof.

The real features of this marketplace solution

  • The reliable messaging system allows the clients and the artist to communicate.
  • Genuine review and rating system make you enhance your performance.
  • Get hands-on with the functionality and practicality of the system through our free demo.
  • Enjoy advanced power search and email notification.
  • The responsive theme that can fit with all screen sizes.

Customization: Available

Demo: available

5. IXXOCart - an impressive multi vendor platform

One of the powerful multi vendor marketplace software, that can maximize the value of your investment through its dedicated development and specialized integration. IXXO cart is an end-to-end multi vendor platform that can accelerate your revenue and potential.

The true features of this multi vendor software

  • Mobile-ready, so it is highly compatible with any of your smart devices.
  • Perfectly search engine optimized.
  • Stand out from the competition by personalizing the mini-store on your own.
  • Our team of experts at your service on 24/7 basis.
  • Developed on the industries latest technology.

Customization: available

Demo: available

6. Acenda - a notable multi vendor marketplace platform

Acenda is cloud-based multi vendor marketplace software that directly connects the manufacturers with the consumers. One can launch their full-stack B2B & B2C webs stores. Exceptionally easy to use admin panel that helps the non-technical users to manage the marketplace software without any complications.

The hidden features of this multi vendor software

  • Gain more channel integrations.
  • A powerful built-in content management system.
  • High-performance dashboard and custom reporting.
  • Centralized inventory and order management.
  • Experience the bundle of business services that includes custom development, search engine optimization, social media marketing and many more.

Customization- available

Demo - available

7. Retaxis - an effective multi vendor solution

Retaxis is a reliable B2B marketplace platform and it aggregates vendors and buyers at the same place and manages the selling process efficiently. The tools are well developed to help you on page optimization

The real power of this multi vendor solution

  • A perfect readymade marketplace software for Food, Fashion, Electronics, medicine or accessory industry.
  • The software is seamlessly integrated with Google tracking tools.
  • Coupon codes and in-store promotions are offered to its users.
  • Flexible order management.
  • Unlimited vendor subscription plans with attractive commissions and pricing.

Customization – Available

Demo: available

8. Oorjit - an influential multi vendor marketplace

Oorjit is a legit scalable enterprise multi vendor e-commerce platform and is a pure merchant engagement platform that can be easily adaptable to any business model. With Oorjit, you can engage with customers easily and can enhance your sales and leverage your customer service.

The salient features of this multi-vendor platform

  • You can delight your customers with dedicated discount coupons and offers.
  • Oorjit has native AI and ML capabilities. *Perfectly gets connected with third-party APIs.
  • Designed with bulk upload feature.
  • Any industry or business needs can be met with this marketplace software.

Customization – Available

Demo: yes

9. Volusion e-commerce - a considerable marketplace platform

With volusion e-commerce, you can create a unique store with no coding and can have the overall control over the inventory management, order management and also over the payment processing.

Features that makes this multi vendor platform to stand alone in the crowd.

  • Easily market your business as it is SEO friendly.
  • Reporting made easy.
  • Gain integration with Amazon Marketplace, eBay and many more.
  • Daily deals that supports vendors to promote their products .
  • Vendors can set-up and manage with free trial period.

Customization - Available

Demo: Available

10. Ced Commerce - an incredible multi vendor marketplace platform

The multi vendor marketplace platform provides the ability to inculcate multiple suppliers. You can gain all features at low cost and service quality. A bunch of add-ons is provided with Ced Commerce.

Get to access the features of this multi vendor software

  • Provides enhanced configuration settings
  • Admin will have control over the products ordered and he can either accept or reject the order.
  • Get the analytical dashboard.
  • Advance reporting that will help to analyze your sales and revenue.
  • Paypal adaptive payment methods.
  • Global shipping and tax calculations.

Customization: available

Demo: available.

11. CS-Cart - a phenomenal multi vendor software

CS-Cart is secured and fully-featured online marketplace software. Every vendor will experience a separate mini store. The richest documentation and video tutorials are owned by CS-Cart multi vendor marketplace platform.

The unique feature of this multi vendor marketplace

  • Purely an open-source and very flexible marketplace software.
  • You can avail all the payment methods and in-built shipping services
  • A perfect content management system along with the pack of marketing tools.
  • Highly compatible with all smart devices.
  • Simple inventory management
  • Enjoy advance reporting

Customization: yes, it is possible to customize.

Demo: available

Summing it up

Owning a multi vendor marketplace platform can make you stand out of the competitions. It really saves your time and money that you can utilize it more on your business promotional activities. Choose your right multi vendor marketplace software and rule the digital market.

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